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Solutions trusted to increase profits for marketplace and ecom apps
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Product catalog analytics
Loyalty program compatibility
Offline and web conversions
Audience analytics

Customer behavior answers all your questions

Improve user scenarios to keep shopping carts from being abandoned and increase profits

Product promos

Learn how deals and promotions influence your average order value

Price dynamics

Find the perfect price without losing customers

Working with descriptions

Determine how product descriptions affect purchases

Product search

Focus on what your customers are looking for

Your key to customer loyalty

Improve conversion and retention by learning from your most valuable customers

Put all the pieces together

Use Post API to track offline and online events, pushing buyers through seamless sales funnels.
Push notifications

Nudge customers toward the right choice

Make effective offers and set trigger scenarios for push communications based on offline, online, and app data.

Golden opportunities for ecom apps


Maximize conversions in the funnel from app installation to product purchase.

Audience overview

Get to know your customer better so you can tailor your store to their needs.

Install attribution

Evaluate LTV via ad channels and effortlessly attract an engaged audience.

Crash and error reporting

Don’t let problems scare customers away from your store.