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Track important metrics without a single line of code thanks to AppMetrica
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Auto-tracking in-app purchases
Pulling markup from other SDKs
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In-app purchases

In-app purchase tracking made simple

It’s easy to start tracking in-app purchases and subscriptions in AppMetrica. And since there’s no coding needed, you can focus on increasing revenue.

Track any link

Once you have an account, you can set up tracking for links, deeplinks, and SmartLink across multiple platforms. Tracking works automatically when the app is opened.

More features for easy integration

Subscriptions tracking

Turnkey subscription processing

Everything you need to know about registrations, trials, refusals, and renewals is at your fingertips. No more coming up with server solutions from scratch.
Teleport for events

Forget marking up a second time around

If you use other popular SDKs for app analytics, pull event markup right to AppMetrica.