A/B test ideas
to grow your app

Verify any idea quickly and easily with
A/B experiments in AppMetrica.
Implement improvements right
from AppMetrica with Flag Configuration.
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All-in-one platform for analytics and testing
User-friendly A/B testing setup and reporting
Launch product improvements right from AppMetrica interface

From insight to proven hypothesis

AppMetrica collects product and marketing data that helps you come up with hypotheses for improving your product. With A/B experiments, you can now test your ideas and immediately implement the winning option, no need to release a new version of your app.

More on A/B tests in AppMetrica

You can do it yourself

We made A/B experiments' interface user-friendly so that you could launch and manage A/B tests yourself, no need to beg your colleagues for help.

Start for free

In AppMetrica Free plan you can conduct 2 simultaneous experiments. We offer up to 26 options to compare in each test, not just A and B.

If you need more tests

In Pro plan you can execute up to 100 simultaneous experiments.

Manage your app right from AppMetrica

You can now configure your app using Flags (also known as Feature flags/Remote config) and the updated element or the new feature will be visible to all your users or the selected user segment right away, no need to update your app release.

Assess test results in a user-friendly dashboard

Check your test results on an intuitive dashboard and see how the options tested affected key metrics like DAU/WAU/MAU, ARPU, Conversion rate, Retention, Time Spent or any other you select.

A/B tests for various teams

Product development & management

A/B tests help you to quickly and clearly verify any product hypotheses. Flag config allows you to conveniently manage new feature or promo roll-out in your app.

In-app monetization

A/B tests will help you determine optimal monetization model for your app and find the right balance between in-app purchases and ads based on your product unit economy.


Test checkout funnel, the impact of promo codes, recommendation system to increase conversion to purchase, average order value, number of purchases per user and other metrics.

Product design

A/B tests help you improve product design to grow metrics. Flag config allows to manage app interface updates without releasing the new version of your app.