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The latest from AppMetrica

Product updates

Ad monetization: Analyzing ad revenue with AppMetrica

AppMetrica now lets you transfer ad revenue data and leverage it in other reports to get a full picture of how well you’re monetizing your app.
Product updates

The latest from AppMetrica

It’s been a while since we last reached out, and it’s time to talk about what’s new and how we’re making you even better at boosting your app’s metrics.

How AppMetrica’s new segmentation works

AppMetrica reports show you the big picture. To focus on a unique audience within a report, you need to segment the data.

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HALA Games
We are using AppMetrica as our main MMP for attribution and advertising purposes in the marketing field. It is a great tool for data analytics. We improved our business a lot after using this.
Multicast games
AppMetrica is an important contributor to our business efficiency. It’s the fastest analytics tool we’ve ever used: installs are visible just a few minutes after we launch user acquisition campaigns and it helps us tremendously to save marketing budgets as we can quickly turn off ad channels with negative ROAS or decrease bids. AppMetrica is also a good tool for tracking key product metrics like engagement, retention, revenue. Crash reports in real-time are also helpful.
Virus Hunter
AppMetrica is our main analytics and user acquisition tool. We actively use product reports to analyze how new features and UI changes impact our app business performance. AppMetrica is also our main tracker as it is integrated with most popular advertising networks and is easy to use.
As most apps we started with Google Firebase which was good for basic product data but as we grew and introduced subscriptions in our service, we needed a more sophisticated but affordable analytics tool. AppMetrica is now an integral part of our product analytics. It is a cost-efficient way to organize comprehensive analytics for our apps. We find UI really user-friendly. As we are a subscription-based service, we value Funnel reports a lot as they help us identify user drop-offs on the way to subscriptions.